Red Squirrel Keeping an Eye on Our Red Squirrels

Watching Red Squirrels

This website is dedicated to the study and conservation of British Red Squirrels, and to promote interest these fascinating animals by the use of still and moving images.  The site was originally sponsored by SHM Communications Ltd., who supplied most of the hardware required for the Webcam and monitoring system.  SHM have now been acquired by Aphex Metering. Also special thanks to Brendan Concannon for his assistance in setting up the hardware.

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We have a Webcam located in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park in the highlands of Scotland that allows you to view the squirrels feeding.  There are no grey squirrels in this area, only reds.

We have wired our Squirrel Feeder to a datalogger so that we can monitor feeding activity throughout the year and have written special software so that this data can be presented on this website.  The chart below shows today's activity so far.  Click the chart to view it full-size.

Activity so far today

Activity pattern for the last 31 days

Today's activity - click to view full-size Last 31 day's activity - click to view full-size

Submitted Images

The Third-party Gallery includes images from Blair Atholl, Bridge of Don, and Brownsea Island.

Scottish Squirrel Surveys

Submit any sightings you have of Red and Grey squirrels in Scotland to the Scottish Squirrel Survey website at


red squirrel SHM Communications Ltd sponsored the conservation of Red Squirrels in the Scottish Highlands by providing a Webcam, RL32 Datalogger and XLeMs software to monitor the activity of Red Squirrels.




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